Hollander (1983)
Hollander, another type designed for Hell, is related to Dutch types of the seventeenth century and was to some extent modelled on types attributed to Christoffel van Dijck or Dirk Voskens in that it adopts their generous proportions — in particular their considerable x-height — and the contrast between their thick and thin parts. Hollander was designed when Hell had almost abandoned the original Digiset with its crt and coarse pixels. Improved Digisets now used laser beams, which gave far higher resolution, and Ikarus, a program for defining the outlines of letters. Compared with Demos and Praxis, Hollander is freer and more refined. Only the italic fell victim to the transfer from crt to laser technology, since Hollander originally had to be capable of being set with the old technology.

Caflisch, M., ‘Die Hollander, eine neue Schriftfamilie’, in Typografische Monatsblätter 2, St. Gallen, 1987